Yasmine 2020

Currently, I am running as a WRITE-IN Congressional Candidate in Florida District 10. I am an Independent i.e. I have No Party Affiliation. Incumbent Val Demmings (FL-D) appears on Joe Biden’s shortlist for Vice President. Our two mates are running as FL-R.


Foremost, I am not a politician! I am a peace educator, artist, and advocate, who has dedicated more than 20 years of my life (volunteering and working) for the reduced sentencing of minors (child survivors), and for the recovery of missing and exploited children, as well as for a just and equal society and a culture of peace for all humanity.

As a critical educator, I am of the mind that critical education (to include civics) is at the heart of true “democracy”, through empowering people to not only be educated and aware, but involved in local and national policy building. Likewise, I am an anti-racist, human rights educator, seeking membership within a task force advocating for anti-racist qualifications for all police and politicians.

My field i.e. Peace Education encompasses six petals (for more information, order my book here). These include: personal peace, environmental care, attitudes and values education, multi-cultural education, education for human rights, and disarmament education. I’m an Earth Protector and an advocate for Peaceful Relations, i.e. anti-war!


• Demilitarize Police! • Housing for All • Healthcare for All • Environmental Protections • Renewable Energy • Livable Wages • Employment for All • Abolish For Profit Prisons • Implement Restorative Justice • Fully Funded Public Schools & Universities • Anti-War!


Sufiyah Yasmine holds a Masters in Peace Education at The United Nations Mandated International University for Peace Studies in El Rodeo, Costa Rica. She’s a national and Honorary International Artist of Nicaragua, where she also served as an International Representative of Human Relations; she provided poverty relief for the philanthropic organization “Un Rayo de Luz en Sus Manos”. Her work to recover missing girls landed her in Central Florida (in 2015). A Certified Guardian ad Litem in Miami, a case crossed jurisdictions and led her to (re-) Certify in Polk County. There, Sufiyah started working for Heartland for Children, and Selah Freedom (in 2016). Sufiyah continues to assist in the prevention and recovery of missing and exploited girls through Judicial Circuit 10, while centrally located in Orlando (since 2018). She was originally born in Maine, and completed her B.A. in Philosophy at The University of Southern Maine (USM) in 2007. There she was involved in music, radio, prison ministry, & The League of Young Voters led by Justin Alfond (now The President of The Maine State Senate). Since completing her Masters Degree, Sufiyah…


• (2009-2013) Led a national grassroots campaign culminating in the release of a girl sex-trafficking survivor sentenced to “life” as a child in 1994;

• (2014-2017) Advocated for the FULL recovery of four missing Indigenous-American girls, resulting in reunification with their family, across state lines;

•  (2016-2020) Mentors teenage girls to prevent, and to intervene in the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) in Central Florida.

If Elected:

In the same way YASMINE is self taught in the processes of petitioning courts, toward recovering missing children across states and international jurisdictions, IF elected YASMINE is confident in her abilities to prioritize, research, represent and to serve the needs of her constituency. Likewise, she remains true to her passion, in building a Nation of Peace (through multi-cultural events). You may contribute anonymously at: paypal.me/sufiyahyasmine (or) volunteer!

A Final Note…

As an Independent, without experience in the “business” of politics, YASMINE hopes to inspire others to not sit on the sidelines, but to be the change that they want to see like The Honorable U.S. Representative John Lewis.

To Volunteer or Contact: